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this is the lightningfactory webshop. everything in this webshop is selfmade. when you want to purchase something on this blog you need to mail me ( you can also mail me when you have questions about the products! 

shipping costs:
- not calculated yet, please mail me and i'll check out what the shipping cost are for your package - 

feel free to mail me pictures from clothing you really want but can't find/ pay because it's simply to expensive. i might be able to make it for you!

rectangle bag / 49,50 euro 
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[special edition only 4 bags available] perforated rectangle bag / 75,- euro 

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[special edition only 2 coats available] perforated coat / 90,- euro !ONELEFT!

[special edition only 20 wallets available]  perforated wallet / 10,- euro